About Ethan


For much of my professional life I have struggled to describe/label exactly what I do. I’ve made a lot of logos and marks for small businesses. So am I a graphic designer? I’ve made a number of websites and assisted clients with crafting a better user experience. Am I a web designer? Or maybe a UX designer?  I’ve written and edited copy for web and print. Am I a copywriter? I’ve advised and helped develop strategy to establish and grow brands. Am I a brand strategist? 

There is no shortage of titles I could try to label myself (or have others label me), but what I’ve realized as a professional creative and as a person, is that all the countless labels that could describe what you do are not half as important as who you are. So what I’ll say is this…

A designer is not just what I am, it’s truly who I am. For me, design is not limited to a particular medium, industry, or circumstance, it’s the way I see and interact with the world. It’s the way I am able to marry my desires of making beautiful and strategic things that accomplish goals. It’s the way I express my thoughtfulness and commitment to our clients. It’s the way I am the most myself.

When I’m not designing though, you can find me working through viewing the AFI’s 100 Greatest American Films of All Time (of which I’ve currently seen 65), writing songs with synthesizers and drum machines under my pseudonym KNDFUTR (pronounced Kind Future), and training for my first half marathon. I also have a particular fondness for any activity involving my best friend, colleague, and wife, Rachel—especially fawning over our dog Hemingway, music trivia at our local pizza joint, and our daily lunchtime Jeopardy viewings.