Abiding Harmony

Small Business | Branding and Splash Page

Abiding Harmony is a small business based in Minneapolis, Minnesota that specializes in premium audio production and personalized musical compositions for high end weddings.

The owners of Abiding Harmony needed a logo, "splash" web page, basic marketing materials, as well as initial branding guidelines in order to effectively launch, market, and credibly establish their new company.

We decided to look no further than sheet music for the foundation of Abiding Harmony's logo design. Staff lines and half notes with opposite orientations was an intuitive way of representing its two core business offerings. We added a modern sans serif font and gray monochromatic palette to the staff lines and notes icon to elicit a feel that says "class" without the pretension sometimes associated with more ornate graphics and scripted fonts (note: this goal was central to not only the design process, but to Abiding Harmony's entire client experience). 

This look and feel was then continued across a responsive splash page, promotional handout, and business cards.