Perspective Consulting

Small Business | Branding and Website

Located in the Twin Cities, Perspective Consulting was a small business that administered Myers-Briggs and Strong Interest Inventory assessments. Primarily geared toward high school juniors and seniors evaluating colleges and career paths, Perspective Consulting offered one-on-one consultation sessions at local coffee shops to assist their clients with truly understanding and applying the results of their assessments in a more comfortable setting. 

Perspective Consulting required a refreshing of their brand assets including logo, website, and basic marketing materials. It was important to ensure that these assets appealed not only to the clients themselves, but, in the case of high school students, their parents too.

To accomplish this, we created a wordmark logo that paired a lively turquoise script with a gray sans serif font to be both approachable and professional. These themes of approachability and professionalism carried over to Perspective Consulting's other assets including their website. The site featured professional photography, succinct copy, and a convenient contact form for appointment booking all optimized for mobile and desktop environments.