Tequila Cenote

Spec | Branding

The logo and label design for Tequila Cenote, a fictional tequila distillery, came from the synthesis of three sources of inspiration:

The first being a personal fascination with cenotes which are naturally occurring sinkholes, from collapsed limestone, which expose pools of underground water. These geological occurrences are scattered throughout Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula and were thought to hold mystical powers by indigenous people like the ancient Maya.

The second, was simply, the stunning natural beauty of the blue agave plant from which tequila is made.

And the third was a desire to brand a "silver" tequila with a darker design aesthetic that would provide a memorable contrast to that of other, more established, tequila brands like Patrón, Sauza, and El Jimador.

Tequila Cenote's logo features serifed fonts, a beautifully detailed agave line drawing, and a color palette utilizing strong grays to enhance the pop of the "cenote blue".

When applied to labels and bottle mockup, the logo is designed to be the central asset that inspires an inherent sense of mystique, while projecting a premium feel.



*Agave plant line drawing purchased and licensed from Creative Market.