Ageless Faith

Previous Employer | Podcast Production

Prior to Half Acre House, Ethan worked for Lyngblomsten, a Christian non-profit serving older adults through healthcare, housing, and community-based services in St. Paul, Minnesota. Often mislabeled as just a nursing home or senior living community, Lyngblomsten was and is an organization deeply committed to being an innovative influencer and supporter of positive aging—both on and off their campus.

In order to educate, inspire, and support church congregations' efforts to engage younger older adults (read: Baby Boomers) with more robust ministry choices, Ethan and his boss, Patricia Montgomery, created the Ageless Faith podcast. Given the busy schedules of ministry professionals and the potential newness of the podcast medium to them, Ageless Faith was designed to be short, only 6-10 minutes in length, and was made available through both a conventional website and iTunes. It featured easily applicable content from Ethan and Patricia as well as interviews with other industry professionals. Over the course of 2 years, Ageless Faith released 64 episodes with Ethan co-producing, audio engineering, composing music for, and project managing all 64. In addition to these credits, he also wrote 39 episodes personally.     





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