Of Mice and...

We Did It

After years of dreaming, months of planning, and many weeks of 12+ hour workdays, we did it. Half Acre House is fully launched and we couldn’t be more proud of the way our rebrand came out. It has been so humbling to see the outpouring of love and support for us as we enter this new era of our business. If you have had any part in that love and support over those years, months, weeks, and days, our sincerest thanks go out to you!

As we launch this site, we wanted to take a moment to properly kick off its new blog which we’re choosing to call our “journal”.

Not Particularly "Instagrammable"

In a world of curated Instagram feeds and trend-driven blogs, it’s easy to start thinking that life should look a certain way and that if yours doesn’t, you’re not living a rich enough life. We want to share a more balanced picture of our life here because sometimes we’re just downright normal, boring, and not particularly "Instagrammable". And that’s okay.

Unabashed Reality

That’s not to say that when we share our work, thoughts, or life in this journal that we’re not going to try to share them in appealing ways. Rather, we just want to be sure that any curation or styling of the content we circulate here is always accompanied by a healthy dose of unabashed reality.

It is in that spirit of unabashed reality that we wanted to share some notable tales from the weeks leading up to the launch of Half Acre House:

Tale 1:
The Battle Below the Sink

We went classic.

A small colony of mice decided to annex the cabinets underneath our kitchen sink for the purposes of eating garbage and general debauchery. Their offensive was short lived. We fought viciously and arose victorious. 8 mice lost their lives.

Tale 2:
The Crown

God save us from further dental work.

No, we're not talking about the new Netflix show of the same name. We’re talking about the, oh so pleasant, dental procedure. Recently, Rachel has been through the ringer with one tooth in particular that, in addition to some other failed solutions, required a crown last week. Needless to say, it's been a tad rough.

Tale 3:
Rest in Peace, Oven

One last look into her soul before hooking up her stainless replacement.

Our oven broke—and just before we were to host a large gathering of friends at our house for dinner. We bought a new oven in advance of said gathering, however due to our lack of familiarity installing things involving natural gas, we opted to avoid blowing up our house and decided to wait for qualified assistance (read: Rachel’s dad). Fortunately, kind neighbors with functioning ovens came to our rescue and we didn’t have to resort to microwaving a Stouffer’s lasagna for our guests.

Tale 4:
The Great Escape
of Hemingway Cook

The face of the guilty.

Today, our all too curious pup discovered that our supposedly fenced-in yard is not entirely fenced-in. After several moments of terror and panicked shouts of his name, we finally heard the rustle of his metal tags. There he came bounding happily towards us from the neighbor’s yard. At present, he still remains unaware of his crime.

Lastly, A Warm Welcome

This is a taste of the unabashed reality that is our life. We're excited that you're here to share in its many tales and adventures to come. Lastly, may we offer you a warm and official welcome to our Half Acre House.