Less Logic, More Wonder

Ears and Eyes Wide Open

For Thanksgiving this year we traveled home to my parents’ house in Northeast Wisconsin. Tucked away in a quiet rural neighborhood, their house backs up to a series of dramatic rock faces where little paths criss and cross their way through moss covered limestone to a vast state park. Days before Rachel and I started our journey to their house, I began to hunger and thirst for following those paths, climbing those rocks, and heading far into the forest to walk quietly with my ears and eyes wide open.

Far More by Wonder

Despite damp conditions, cold rain, and deer hunting season, I headed into the woods almost every day. Sometimes I’d go with my mom (who has become quite the nature photographer) and sometimes I’d simply go alone. Regardless of whether or not I ventured forth solo or in good company, those woods have always switched on some strange electricity in me—an electricity sparked far less by logic and far more by wonder.

Here are some snapshots from one of my wonder-filled adventures over the Thanksgiving holiday...

"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks."
John Muir