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We have had the privilege of working with Merced Capital on a number of their events over the years, both on the design and photography sides of Half Acre House. Merced events are known for being impeccably planned and classy affairs thus requiring creative that keeps up. Given the date of Merced’s Holiday Party (in late January), they needed invitations to feel “holiday”, as it was being sent out in December, while not reading too “Christmas”. We ended up settling on a winter-based theme utilizing quaint pine illustrations in an earthy gold for 2017/2018’s invitation and a winter meets tropical theme with palm illustrations (inspired by the flora of the restaurant the party was being held at) paired with copper for 2018/2019’s. These invitations are always a highlight of our year to design!




Artboard 4merced_2018.png
Artboard 5merced_2018.png