Warmly reminiscent of film, our work blends together characteristics of documentary and fine art photography resulting in photos steeped in natural light, organic emotion, and simple beauty. Although weddings are our bread and butter, our experience and artistry don't just apply to capturing first looks, ceremonies, and you unashamedly dancing to Whitney Houston; they apply to every photo we take.




Weddings where the little, organic moments matter as much as the big, planned ones; that's where you'll find us. Don't get us wrong, we love stunning venues, thoughtful styling, and well arranged charcuterie boards, but it's the emotions of people, at their realest and rawest, that keeps our passion for weddings ablaze. 



Honesty makes for great portraits. That’s why we don’t rely on predetermined poses or over-processed images. We’re after the moments that organically unfold—the ones that are beautiful because they’re true. In other words, we won’t make you place your hand underneath your chin and say “cheese”.


Direction and Styling

Through strategic creative direction and careful styling, we craft images that tap into the desires of customers who value the story behind the things that they buy as much as the aesthetic of them. Whether it's a few frames for Instagram or an entire look book, we'd love to dream with your small business.


Praise and Press

Experience Half Acre House through real stories from previous clients and find out where you can look for our published work.