About Rachel


I love a good story. Since I was young, I've continually returned to my favorite stories over and over again. I've reread To Kill a Mockingbird, relistened to the Serial podcast, and rewatched The Office more times than I could ever possibly count. No matter how many times we've heard them, the best and most beloved stories cause us to feel something every time we revisit them. This love of story greatly motivates my creative work. The best stories- the ones that are woven into our own lives- are the ones you want well documented so you can revisit them again and again.

As evidenced by the stacks of photographs from my childhood days of commandeering my parent's Olympus film camera; my photography career was born out of a passionate hobby. While in college, my hobby quickly evolved into a business thanks to kind roommates and friends who trusted me enough to tell their stories. For the past nine years it has been my joy and honor to call this my job, and I'm so deeply grateful for a career that has been marked by the trust people have in me. It has brought me into relationship with incredible people who have generously allowed me into their lives and invited me into the sacred space of celebration. It is such a privilege. And getting to do it all alongside my business partner/husband is quite literally my very best life!

When I’m not doing work for Half Acre, you can find me desperately working to keep my plants alive, scavenging the aisles of Goodwill, and tinkering around with recipes in the kitchen. Other enjoyments include doting on our pup Hemingway, reading psychological thrillers, and doing anything and everything with my best friend (read: Ethan). 


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