sarah + troy

November 14, 2015
The Enchanted Barn | Hillsdale, WI

We've heard it said before that the “first look” of the wedding day says it all. Everything you need to know about a relationship is communicated within those moments- often wordlessly, often emotionally, and often silently. We’ve witnessed many first looks throughout our years of photographing weddings, and the two first looks from Sarah and Troy’s day are ones that continue to stay with us. 

At every wedding we’re a part of, just before the first look, we press pause. As married people ourselves, we know just how quickly a wedding day passes. The amount of time a bride and groom have alone on their wedding day is very minimal, so we encourage our clients to take their time and be fully present with one another. Don’t think about the schedule, or what’s supposed to happen next. Continue to hug, continue to laugh, continue to look at one another and talk about how wild it is that your day is finally here. 

Sarah and Troy did just that. They stayed in that moment together, and we were so happy to let them do so. Additionally, one of the sweetest first looks between a father and his daughter happened on their day. Every time we see the photos of Sarah's father seeing her for the first time our eyes get a little teary. 

It's such an honor for us to witness such strong bonds of family and friendship on wedding days, and our goal is for our clients to be present enough to fully experience that love. It's just one of the reasons why we encourage the long lingering first look.