Lake Minnetonka

Lake Minnetonka

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About the Lake:

Lake Minnetonka is huge—the ninth largest lake in Minnesota—and is not actually a single lake, but a series of “kettle lakes” connected by marshlands and channels. The 14,000+ acre lake has been a hotspot for boating, watersports, and relaxation since the mid 1800s. As Mpls-St. Paul Magazine’s Drew Wood notes, “Tourism is at the heart of Lake Minnetonka, and it has been forever.” From its original indigenous inhabitants to the rise of steamboats and hotels to the present day, Lake Minnetonka’s history is storied and a powerful symbol of Minnesotan’s (and many others) affection for lakes.

About the Series:

Designed using depth maps from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, DEPTHS is a series of minimalist graphical lake prints.

- Available in 8x10 or 11x14
- Digitally printed
- Acid-free, fine art paper
- Hand-stamped Half Acre House label
- Hand-numbered
not included

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