Heather + Alex

Though a deluge of rain brought many of Heather and Alex’s wedding festivities indoors, their joy and excitement could not be dampened by a change of plans. They laughed their way through the entirety of their day and reveled in the joy of being surrounded by their favorite people. Not only did friends and family attend their nuptials, but many lent their time and skill to areas like flowers, DJing, and officiating. Talk about a great community! 

As a lifelong appreciator of a good story, I love listening to toasts at weddings. It's like having a front row seat to the most memorable and significant parts of people's journeys, and gives you a little inside look into people's true nature. Heather and Alex's parents and friends had not only kind words to share, but hilarious anecdotes as well which made for peals of laugher that were so exciting to document. Their reaction photos are some of my favorite photos from their day. There was no questioning the passionate support of this couple. It was everywhere and it was truly something to marvel!

October 6, 2017

Legacy Hill Farm | Welch, MN