Melley + Ryan

Everyone needs their "people". Their community. Sometimes that community is immediate family, sometimes it's friends that are like immediate family, and sometimes it's a wonderful mix of the two.

For Melley and Ryan, it was that beautiful blend of immediate family and friends that lavished them with incredible support and a whole lot of laughter as they celebrated their marriage together. Their "people" filled their wedding day with such richness, significance, and beauty and it was amazing to be able to catch a glimpse of that loving network of support through the camera lens. 

At the helm of the "beauty" portion of the day was Melley's mother who crafted the wedding's vision and styling direction. From floral arrangements to table decor to foraging for greenery—she led it all. Side note: I was in love with her choice of enamelware plates for the table settings!

The day's ceremony was performed by Ryan's sister and Melley's brother which added such dimension and meaning to the powerful marriage promises the couple was making to one another.

To round out the evening, one of the bridesmaids surprised the couple by singing Sonny and Cher's "I've Got You Babe" as an ode to Melley and Ryan's choice term of endearment for one another. 

I could continue to list moment after moment of all their "people" added to an already joy-filled day, but I think it's best to conclude with this: Melley and Ryan's "people" are simply a vivid reflection of the beauty of who Melley and Ryan are (and vice versa). And that's a truly beautiful thing.


October 8, 2016

The Machine Shop | Minneapolis, MN