Hannah + Johnny

We’ve been to a lot of weddings (go figure, right?), and we can say very honestly that few people share a love like Hannah and Johnny. There’s two things we’ll tell you about their day right from the start. 1.) Their families are their rock. 2.) Dry eyes were not a thing at this wedding. 

We learn a great deal about who people are on their wedding day. We’ve always held a firm belief that what and who people become is powerfully linked to the people who are and have been a part of their lives. These two very clearly have some incredible people in their lives. Hannah simply gushes with love and affection, and when she hugs you it’s the big squeeze-of-a-hug kind and nothing less. She’s also a wildly talented designer, which was so evident in the details of their day. Johnny is refreshingly sincere, and has this deep, low voice that’s so full of kindness. Not to mention, the dude can rock a forest green suit like nobody’s business. Grooms everywhere, take note!

Being invited to document their wedding at a place so rich in story and steeped in memory was such a unique honor for us. Being there, you could feel the significance this place holds, and we hope you feel that same significance when you view their wedding here. 

July 30, 2016

Family Cabin | Spooner, WI