Marissa + Joe


Marissa and Joe’s wedding was a beautiful blend of old world elegance and refined rustic touches - just like their hometown of Duluth, MN. They wove beauty and intentionality into the entire day’s details; from the watch the bride wore that belonged to her late father, to the map of Lake Superior that doubled as their guestbook. Their wedding was "them" and that’s always our favorite thing to witness as photographers.

After the couple shared their "first look", we hopped in the car and made the drive up the shore of Lake Superior to a location that was significant to Marissa and Joe's love story. As evidenced by the photos below, these two looked stunning and so lovely walking along the rocks of the shoreline that day. However serene they may look, it's worth noting there were strong 50 degree winds whipping against these two the whole while! I had to shout at them so they could hear me give direction while we were shooting, but these two made it look effortless. Despite the wind, it was definitely worth it! 

Whether they were walking hand-in-hand along the shore of Lake Superior or dancing amongst the grandeur of Greysolon’s ornate ballroom, they seemed to be right at home wherever they were together.

October 14, 2017

Greysolon Ballroom | Duluth, MN