Our Story


Almost three years ago, in the waning days of winter, we purchased our first home—a quaint, 1940s build tucked away on a little street where deer still meander through the yard and stars still light up the night sky.




In those early weeks of unpacking boxes, correcting faulty wiring, and lusting after furniture from West Elm, we gave considerable thought to how we wanted our new home to look aesthetically. However, amid the meticulous decisions of decor, paint selection, and trips to Home Depot, a far greater dream remained constant in our minds and on our hearts.

Though we wanted our house to be aesthetically beautiful, we, more importantly, felt called to create a place of genuine welcome for others. A place where all who enter feel like they are seen, heard, and known for who they truly are.


Here's why we're telling you all of this...


We realized that so much of what we wanted to create in our home also applied to what we wanted to create with our business.

We want Half Acre House to be known for beautiful and distinct work, but more so for a welcoming creative experience that is centered around understanding the ins and outs of who our clients are. Our goal is to have our creative experience feel more like coffee and conversation at the kitchen table than agendas and PowerPoints in a conference room.


At Half Acre House we're all about authentic storytelling. Whether it's capturing your lovely wedding day or building a lasting brand for your small business, we want to be certain that your photos, your logo, your website etc. are filled to the brim with who you are; not just how you think you should be perceived. We choose to run our business this way because we know, from experience, that if we get that piece right, inspired work will inevitably follow.


We're Ethan and Rachel. We're a husband and wife team passionate about our life together and authentic storytelling through photography and design. Welcome to our Half Acre House.


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