Jen + Shuhei

If you're a fellow Minnesotan who's feeling a bit downtrodden due to this very unfortunate "sprinter" we're experiencing...we feel you. We're here to help kick those endless-winter-in-Minnesota-blues by rounding up a few summer-filled portrait sessions and weddings to remind us that this state is capable of green grass and sunshine. I mean, hopping a plane to Bali would also work...but this will have to suffice for now. 

First up, we have Jen and Shuhei's engagement session featuring their cute rescue pup who didn't leave their side for the entirety of their session (loyalty!). So much so, that we made a game of it. Her sweet little self can be found 14 times in the photos below- can you find her?

Rest assured, absurdly humid 95 degree July days like this one will be here soon enough. Stay strong in the meantime, Minnesotans! 

ps: if you just can't get enough of this lovely couple, their intimate wedding at Minneapolis' Hewing Hotel can be found here!

July 2017
Minneapolis, MN